Yasmine Jenkins

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yasmine (39)About Yasmine

Born on Sept. 10, 1999. Her favorite color is blue. She loves spongebob and chocolate. She’s very brave!! Fighting through this battle living her life as much as possible until the end. She recently changed her nasal tube for a feeding tube in her stomach. 

yasmine (45)

She’s ready for school although she had to start a week late due to she was in the hospital for the first week of school but thank God she’s still here and ready for school 😍😍😍🥰🥰😘😘


2 Replies to “Yasmine”

  1. My beautiful niece Yasmine. She’s such a strong, sweet and loving girl. She has been through so much but she still from time to time let us see that beautiful smile. I remember when she was little she was so full of life she ran and played and she didn’t take no mess from no one😊 then I remember she was getting sick but she stayed as full of life as much as she could❤we thank God for how far he has brought her and we thank God for how far he’s going to take her. Auntie Felicia and Uncle Harold and Sequoia Love you very much Yasmine❤❤❤

  2. My Great Grandson ZAAVAN has JHD ZAAVAN goes through many episodes of hitting and screaming of course his hitting is like a GOOD tapping it doesn’t hurt just knowing all he is going through and knowing what is to come for these children
    YASMINE is a very BEAUTIFUL young lady I hope she is doing ok PLEASE know that I am SENDING LOVE and PRAYERS to you.

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