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You can email Aliyah’s mom to donate to her bucket list!!

August.jpgHelp with August’s bucket list and more at his website

Katelyn’s Bucket List.. 


  • Go To The Beach With Her Brothers
  • Raise More Money For A Cure For HD and JHD

Her Mom’s Email:

Here’s Chris Bucket List..chris

  • Go To Thailand
  • Ride A Zipline Through The Jungle
  • Learn To Drive A Car
  • Drive A Car
  • Attend A “Mad Hatter Tea Party”
  • Compete In A Demolition Derby
  • Travel To Egypt
  • Dance  At A Rave
  • Pet A Tiger
  • Hug A Tiger
  • Go Inside A Pyramid
  • Bungee Jump
  • Attend A Native American Spiritial/Ritual
  • Shoot A Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Throw  A Tomahawk
  • Pet A Sphinx
  • See The Northern Lights
  • Go To A Gathering
  • Have A Horror Movie Marathon Night
  • Ride A Mechanical Bull
  • Go On A Safari
  • Drive A Forklift

You can email here:

Things Sheenam wants to doSheenam

I want to go on holiday abroad this year and also I am looking forward to going to Blackpool to see the illuminations.
I also want to go to Alton towers again and Waterworld in stoke on Trent.

You can help her out on her website

Miss Virginia’s bucket list is.. virginia

  • Fill Up Penny Jar,As Many As She Can
  • To See Disney World With Her Family
  • Collect Different Rocks So I Can Be A Geologist
  • Meet Pink
  • Swim With The Dolphins

You can email her Mom at:

Desiree’s Bucket List.. Desiree.jpg

  • See Carrie Underwood before I die she is my idol
  • same with Avril Lavigne I would love to see her
  •  I also want to jump off a plane before I die
  • I also want to get a cure for this disease
  •  Go to a water park. I know it is shocking but I have never been to a water park. We have never went to a water park. I have always wanted to go to one.
  • Go to Mount Rushmore. I have not always wanted to go there. I just started wanting to go it looks fun.
  • Go to Sea World. I have always loved animals. I thought it looked fun.
  • Go to the Grand Canyon. It looks like it would be so beautiful to look at. I think that would be a good a place to go and see.

You Can Email Her Dad At:


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