James and Tawna Decker

James and His Daughter Tawna Decker

James 35 year old Angel

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tawna and james (11)

James and His Daughter Tawna



June 10 2010. Found out Tawna was positive her first symptom memory loss. She has OCD she has to touch a person or hug them, she has problems sleeping. She shows anxiety a lot and is losing her speech. She now can’t walk with out making scuffle kind starting to shuffle. She has muscles seizures. She goes to school full time in special education. She fell off the play set broke her collar bone in 2012. Jamie loves her sister and knows that her sister is a good example of strength. James, Their Dad, got test 2005 found out he had JHD he was showing muscle movement.  When we switched roles he stayed home with the kids and I worked. Thought he doesn’t need to work he needs enjoy his family now and being a good father to his girls I’m glad I did that for him best memories they have is their dad caring for them while I worked I love hearing them tell me all the great times they had before he no longer could play with them. He passed away October 6, 2012 of JHD he was 35.

About Tawna

Tawna's Little Sister Jamie and Tawna

Tawna’s Little Sister Jamie and Tawna

Tawna is Sweet, She is quiet and loves animals and loves to be hugged and she loves playing tag. She wants to work at a pet store when she gets older. Her favorite color is blue. She’s really close with her little sister Jamie. Every one describes Tawna as such a sweet young girl with such a innocence to her that makes you humble so full of life and enjoyment she is quiet and shy her smile is beautiful that makes you smile and want to get to know her. She went to Florida for her Make-A-Wishtawna (26)

Tawna Lives In Washington she really wishes to

  • Meet Johnny Depp 

You can contact her Mom at her email:


Many Faces Of Tawna

Many Faces Of Tawna

Tawna-Tawna and JamesTawna



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