You can email Aliyah’s mom to donate to her bucket list!!

I can tell you a couple of things Amethyst wants on her bucket list amethyst

  • to go sky diving

  • go to Ireland

  • go to England

  • I know she wants to plan & pay for her funeral (not part of bucket list or maybe it would be)

  • She wants to start buying special gifts for her daughters big things, like 16th b/day, graduation, wedding, etc.

  • Disney cruise

  • When she had to get all her teeth out, Dentist made her false teeth way WAY too big Can’t get any new ones made and we can’t find a doctor who will work with gag reflex from the jhd

  • Meeting or seeing Bruno Mars in concert

  • NY Giants game

  • Seeing The TownsPants an Irish band

You can email her Mom Kim At:

August.jpgHelp with August’s bucket list and more at his website

Katelyn’s Bucket List.. 


  • Go To The Beach With Her Brothers

  • Raise More Money For A Cure For HD and JHD

Her Mom’s Email:

Here’s Chris Bucket List..chris

  • Go To Thailand

  • Ride A Zipline Through The Jungle

  • Learn To Drive A Car

  • Drive A Car

  • Attend A “Mad Hatter Tea Party”

  • Compete In A Demolition Derby

  • Travel To Egypt

  • Dance  At A Rave

  • Pet A Tiger

  • Hug A Tiger

  • Go Inside A Pyramid

  • Bungee Jump

  • Attend A Native American Spiritial/Ritual

  • Shoot A Double Barrel Shotgun

  • Throw  A Tomahawk

  • Pet A Sphinx

  • See The Northern Lights

  • Go To A Gathering

  • Have A Horror Movie Marathon Night

  • Ride A Mechanical Bull

  • Go On A Safari

  • Drive A Forklift

You can email here:

Things Sheenam wants to doSheenam

I want to go on holiday abroad this year and also I am looking forward to going to Blackpool to see the illuminations.
I also want to go to Alton towers again and Waterworld in stoke on Trent.

You can help her out on her website

Tawna Lives In Washington she really wishes to tawna

  • Meet Johnny Depp 

You can contact her Mom at her email:

Miss Virginia’s bucket list is.. virginia

  • Fill Up Penny Jar,As Many As She Can

  • To See Disney World With Her Family

  • Collect Different Rocks So I Can Be A Geologist

  • Meet Pink

  • Swim With The Dolphins

You can email her Mom at:

Desiree’s Bucket List.. Desiree.jpg

  • See Carrie Underwood before I die she is my idol

  • same with Avril Lavigne I would love to see her

  •  I also want to jump off a plane before I die

  • I also want to get a cure for this disease

You Can Email Her Dad At:


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