Justin Yoder

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justin (3)I married the love of my life he was a smart good looking Wichita PD officer, we feel in love got married and had two wonderful sons Justin and Patrick . Justin was born on Aug 24th. Jim had been adopted so he was out of this world Happy I was pregnant when Jim had a accident that’s when my world as I knew it fell a part. I was 8 months pregnant with Patrick when the neurologist had me come to his office . I am in the nursing profession and I know what that means……… Not good He informed me that Jim had justin-15.jpgthe disease and that my son and unborn child had a 50% chance of having it Justin has JHD Patrick well he is married his wife knows he could have it or carry it Both Justin have been state level wrestlers Justin played Soccer in college . Both of my sons are great young men Patrick served are country and now is a prison officer

Justin is still with us , he has lost his speech .


2 Replies to “Justin Yoder”

  1. Justin came into my life a few years ago. He brings a smile to my face every time i think of him!! That ornery smile when he THINKS he’s sneaky, the red in his cheeks when he blushes, & his face when he lights up from someone he likes coming into the room. Everone should be that blessed to have a child like that! Wish there were more Justins’ in this world! It would be a much much better place!! Feel proud Mom, you deserve it!!

  2. I’ve known Justin since he was a little fella. He was so kind, friendly and full of life. Justin and Marcy continue to amaze me in the way they handle this disease with such grace and faith. Truly inspirational to anyone who believes in a Higher Power!

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