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families helping families

Help for HD families NFP is a non profit organization formed to provide support to the Huntington’s community. We are dedicated to assisting individuals and their families by providing them with essential products that can aid people with HD and JHD into having more productive and meaningful lives. We are strong advocates for getting the best possible care to people with Huntington’s disease. We are a family affected by Huntington’s disease, which makes us the best advocates. 

To apply for assistance go here:

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Help For HD Families NFP provides assistance to individuals afflicted with HD and JHD by means of home and medical supplies, equipment, products, and/or medical furniture. Things we are able to provide are as follow; Daily living aids such as dressing, eating, communication; bathroom assists: shower chairs, safety/grab bars; canes, walkers, wheelchairs, ramps; home care beds, bed rails, bed rail pads, bed tables; Broda chairs. There is so much more we can help with, just because you don’t see it here, doesn’t mean we can’t provide it. We are using 1800WHEELCHAIR.COM and REHABMART.COM for our orders, but are not limited to those sites. Please feel free to use the contact form and ask any questions you might have. Thank You.

marissaMarissa Gutierrez- Executive Director/President
Peter Herrera- Vice President
Maria Gutierrez-Treasurer

Your in-kind donations and monetary support are the lifeblood of Help for HD families NFP. Without your support, we can’t meet our mission of aiding our loved ones. The best thing about your donations: 100 percent of every dollar we receive goes directly to benefit individuals and/or families affected by Huntington’s disease. There is no overhead- no paid staff, no office, not even any mailing expenses, since all communication is via e-mail. That means 100 percent of donations can go to providing the help our HD community needs.

*We have applied for our 501(c)(3) and as of now, it is still pending. However, donations can still be made. IRS 501(c)(3) recognition is (usually) effective retroactively to the earlier of 1) the organization’s legal formation or 2) the commencement of its programs. This means that the organization’s activities are retroactively tax-exempt and donations are retroactively tax-deductible to the donor.   


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