Christian James Atkins

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christian (48)Christian born on June 25, 1994 and was diagnosed at age 17. He’s in the hospital a lot due to complications. He usually stays in the hospital more than he’s at home. His father was diagnosed first with HD and just a few months later Christian was diagnosed with JHD. Christian’s symptoms are more advanced than his dad’s. His dad can still live by himself but he has problems and lives on Social Security. We are divorced but I still worry about him.

christian (4)My husband was active in the army for 13 years before getting blown up in Iraq. That made Christian a military man! We lived at Fort Campbell and so he grew up at Fort Campbell and went to the military schools there. The Marines also made him an honorary Marine.

He also has pics with Taylor Swift. He had to see her and we took him to Nashville. She came right up to him and hugged him and gave him signed pics and stuff.

christian (37)About Christian

He’s a surfer too and loves it. Ocean Cure is a voluntary group in NC that’s offers the camps for free to the disabled. Last year they gave him a surf board and trained him alone and donated their time without question. They have a page on Facebook called Ocean Cure. He loves video games, and music of any kind.


14 Replies to “Christian”

  1. Love this page Charlene , Christian is such a wonderful young man .

    1. Thank you for your love and support! All the credit for the page goes to Jacey Mukka. She had it ready in minutes once I gave her approval! God Bless! ~Charlene

  2. I was one of Christian’s one-on-one aides when he was at FCHS. Coach Lowe called me awhile back and let me know that Christian was diagnosed with JHD. I just want to let you know that I think of Christian often and he is in my prayers. He is an am amazing young man and I am blessed to know him. Please tell him that Mrs.Chappell says “hello!”.

    1. Thank you so much! I just now saw this. I am very sorry. He turns 21 this month. He’s all grown up.

    2. No one truly knows the deep endless love that you have for a sick child, unless you have one of your own. I will keep you and your family in my prayers always and please do the same for me GRASSHOPPER.

      1. Thank you Lisa! I am always here for you and your wonderful son. I understand more than you know! My mama loved him and you more than you will ever know and she is watching over you both now. She had so much saved about him and pictures of you two that we found after she died. Sometimes we have silence supporters that send positive feelings and prayers our way too! We love you and Jesse very much!

  3. This fine young man is my nephew. I can’t tell you how proud I am of his ongoing strive to continue to reach obstacles and succeed where most people would have already given up. He is a perfect example that no matter what it is or how old you are you should never quit trying and to reach for as high as your dreams will allow you to go. Love this man with all my heart. And I am one of his biggest fans!!!!!

  4. I am so proud of the man My nephew has become and will be in the future. He continues to thrive to do things he wants to do even when he has hard times. I love u Christian so so much.

  5. Bless you Christian, and Bless you Charlene!!!
    You are both sooooo inspiring!
    Remember life is a journey about how well you live it and legacy is the example you live and set for us to follow!!!
    Thank you
    So much
    For showing me
    What Strength and courage
    Is all about!

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