Chloe (Warrior Princess)

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Chloe Hayes (Warrior Princess)

19 Year Old Angel

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chloe (302)Chloe was born on Jan 10, 2001-May 15, 2020. She was the only one in Ireland with it that young so made it tough feel very alone at times as we didn’t have contact with her dad’s family or him when we broke up I was expecting Chloe at the time and only found out through a friend about her dad family didn’t tell me but I knew something with Chloe since she started school just got weaker all the time and lashing out and couldn’t master simple things god love her just heart breaking. I had to call to her dad’s family to ask if it was through as I would have to get her tested and they said they didn’t know about Chloe that her dad never said …We have lived in same town all these years. She suffered with emotional and anxiety and very severe behavioral out bursts and had scoliosis also. Her IQ was very low wouldn’t have the understanding only mind of 4/5 yr old really. Her balance was very bad and speech and swallow too still managed to walk short distance try keep mobility going we use a manual chair when going out as she was not strong enough. She got a feeding tube Feb. 7, 2017 one very brave JHD warrior princess Chloe x

About Chloechloe (125)

Pink & purple. And was a 1Direction fan and Ed Sherin and Taylor Swift fan too. Loved spending time with her two dogs Rooney & Tyson. Loved shopping for clothes getting new style and wanted to be a beautician and hairstylist and have her own nail bar too when older, she loved her dolls too and make up and art.

July 3, 2018 Chloe so so restless all night I can't sleep. JHD I truly hate it Making awareness for JHD/HD as I am caring for my JHD warrior princess daughter Chloe and this life limiting illness is taking her from me bit by bit it just breaks my heart knowing I will lose her to this awful disease 
July 10, 2018 Just home with my JHD warrior princess daughter Chloe from Temple street hospital up for EEG & very proud of her as I know it was hard for her to do different things it just breaks my heart seeing how the horrendous JHD is taking her life bit by bit.....But on the other hand we went for bite to eat before setting off home on a wonderful scenic adventure had some great laughs too, which I must say massive thank you to my sis your an absolute scream really can't wait for a trip to Kerry....... Be lots of laughs and memories to make. Just wish things were so different with my baby girl, but it not to be so I must keep strong and get strength from somewhere as its getting harder as time passes.
chloe (159)August 4, 2018 After an eventful afternoon my JHD warrior princess daughter Chloe had a Nasty fall ended up trip by ambulance to hospital but been a great patient very happy out just under observation for now hopefully home soon very brave warrior
chloe (233)Sept 10, 2019 My JHD warrior Queen daughter Chloe my baby girl I love her so so much that its tearing me apart watching this terrible life limiting illness take her bit by bit each day.....I can't imagine my life without her.... She is my reason I get up and find strength to keep going each day but I know this is sadly coming to an end......I love going into the bedroom to get her up each day as she greets me with such an infectious smile just so beautiful to is so so cruel




Chloe (2)

3 Replies to “Chloe (Warrior Princess)”

  1. Chole you were a very special girl and will be missed by all the hearts you touched! X
    Rip Chole XX Love and miss you always beautiful angel 🦋 From Geraldine Jason and kids 💜

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