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Bryan James Matthew Mabry

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bryanBryan James Matthew Mabry was born November 2, 1987 in Oxnard, CA. Grew up in many different places as his dad was in the Navy. Dad’s name is Ed (he has HD), mom is Patty and my little sis is Angela. Before I was diagnosed with JHD in 2009, I enjoyed cooking,  I now live with my mom in New Mexico. I am now 25 years old. 

bryan (2)About Bryan

Happy Go Lucky! He Enjoyed Cooking when he was able to. I always wanted to be an Archeologist. My favorite city I ever lived in was San Diego. I like warm weather and not the snow so much. We have 15 animals, 4 horses, 3 goats, 6 dogs and 2 cats, they are all rescued.

Some of his favorite things include: favorite movie – Back to The Future, favorite color – Green, favorite band – Panic at The Disco, favorite series – True Blood, favorite thing to do is play my PS3, I enjoy watching the Albuquerque Isotopes baseball team, going to concerts Rock and Country, I also enjoy going to Rodeos and going to the PBR, I like going to the Casino. He lives 2000 miles away in New Jersey now in a home to take care of him.

bryan-58Patty (Bryan)- I am a wife and mother of two children. Bryan is my son and Angela is my daughter. My husband and I met in high school in 1985. We married in 1986 and I followed him as he pursued his Navy Career. In 2001 my husband was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. He retired and was medically boarded out of the Navy in 2003, we then moved back to our home state of NM. Because of the progression, Ed was placed into a nursing home in 2008. In 2009 my son was arrested, after being released from jail, he moved back in with me. I could sense something was terribly wrong, in fact I had those feelings since his early teens. We went to see his primary care physician and he referred him to the Neurology clinic at The University of New Mexico Hospital. After meeting with many doctors, Bryan was given the genetic test for Huntington’s Disease. A couple weeks later, we were called back for the results, POSITIVE for Juvenile HD was what we heard. I somewhat felt at ease, I think because deep down in my heart I already knew what the answer was going to be. 5-7 years is what I was told, how does any mother absorb that sort of news? I knew at that time that I had the responsibility of caring for my son for as long as I could. Watching him progress the past 4 years has been the toughest, seeing the daily changes with his body and mind have been very difficult. Yes, it’s hard when it’s your spouse but when it’s your child there’s just something different about that. the past few month’s have been hard on him, his gait and speech have declined substantially. This past March my daughter was tested as well and thank the good Lord her test was negative. Disease is never fair, even less fair to me when it’s a child. What do I think of JHD, I think it’s an ugly monster. We have to remain hopeful that some day there will be a cure.

Oct 11, 2019 💜My Dear Heavenly Father, please put your loving arms around my son and restore his body to full health. Whatever this illness that has invaded his body, I ask that you remove it. I pray for healing as the word tells me. (James 5: 15-16) I ask for mercy and grace for my son.
Nourish his spirit and soul and let him know that you are with him during this period of sickness. Give him the strength to endure while you restore his body. We give you all the honor and praise. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.💜
Oct 12, 2019 Just got off the phone with the CCU nurse, Bryan is still running a temp and feeling quite agitated. 🙏💜
Bryan has been in the hospital for a week now, still in CCU. They will be inserting a chest tube today to try removing the rest of the thick fluid from his lung. 🙏💜
Oct 13, 2019 I finally got to talk to my son even though he didn't talk much, he sounded weak, told me he didn't feel good and that he loved me, makes me feel a little better.💜

bryan (63)Oct 22, 2019 Anesthesiologist just called me, Bryan's on his way into surgery, positive thoughts and loads of prayers for my son please.💜🙏

Best news in a long time, after a month in the hospital, Bryan is being discharged today, on his birthday!
bryan (65)Nov 4, 2019 Please continue to keep Bryan in your prayers, he had a fall today, he's ok thank God, stressed me out because he still has about 40 staples. Still kinda weak from his stay in the hospital and surgeries. 💜

Patricia Romero-Mabry

I went in there today as I do just about every other week with Bryan, we get to the entrance and Bryan gets into one of the motorized chairs as he has a difficult time walking these days due to the progression of his HD, well Joe the in-compassionate guy at the front proceeds to ask Bryan if he really needs the chair (BTW there are about 4 more just sitting there unused), I get up there and say excuse me what did you just ask my son, he then tells me what he said then tells me well why does he need a chair, I just saw him walking in the door. I said justbecause someone does not look disabled doesn't mean they aren't. I asked him ifhe asked everyone that and if he had ever heard of The Americans with Disabilities Act. Talked to the manager and was just as ignorant. I was so mad, I will no longer do business with that store and maybe take my business to Costco. Do I really need to drape a banner over my son that say's I have Huntington's Disease????? No wonder people lose it!!!! So sick of ignorance already.

BryanBryan (2)

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