Desiree (Desi)

Desiree (Desi) Buettner 19 years old

February 18, 1998

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desiree-14My Cag count was 59. My mom had Huntington’s and my grandma did, They both died. My symptoms are weakness in my legs and arms. Tremors, seizures, trouble with school, I didn’t graduate school, leg and arm pain. My head goes up and down and my eyes blink fast. Desiree was put in a nursing home December 2016.

About Desireedesiree-8

I like to color, listen to music, I love Avril Lavigne and Carrie Underwood I love country too, and to sing. I like to do word search books. I like to read and play on my Kindle . My favorite food is chili and lasagna. My favorite animals are lion and tigers. 

Desiree’s Bucket List.. 16174528_114970735679961_3253441719516979834_n

  • See Carrie Underwood before I die she is my idol

  • same with Avril Lavigne I would love to see her

  •  I also want to jump off a plane before I die

  • Go to Disney World

  • I also want to get a cure for this disease

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