Victoria(Vickie), Josh, and Melisa

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Victoria (Vickie), Joshua (Josh), and Melisa All Siblings

32 years old Angel and a 32 year old Angel

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vicki josh and melisa.jpg2They were 10 to 12 when their symptoms first appeared.. back then they didn’t have the term JHD or just HD it was Huntington’s Chorea.. my youngest is 25 and my son is 28 and my other daughter is 31.. I don’t really understand the age brackets for HD? I’m learning tho!! My daughter’s IQ’s are quite low upper 60s to lower 70s,, so they are also Mildly Mentally Retarded. I know it sounds awful, it makes diagnosing or even figuring out how it effects them. All three were really active in sports and with our horses!! They love to swim and fish and camp!! Life for me with my kids has been an amazingly fun journey and now that their lives are becoming less than they deserve it breaks my heart. And they I am grateful they have had good lives too… Your life must have been sooo confusing and difficult. I hope you have had soooo many fun things in your life and continue to enjoy it to the fullest.. there are lots of good things to do out there and you musn’t miss a one!! not a one !! 

Oh it is what it is and all we can do is love em, love you with all the respect we can and advocate for those who can’t!! My oldest is almost is down to 89 pounds and in the last stages. My other two are within a year of two of her. Breaks my heart to lose all three soo close much less at all and all I want is for them to be at peace, safe, taken care of with respect and to know they are loved, not alone and will be taken care of..  They All Love Horses, They’re Horse Crazy

VickieAbout Vickie

Victoria loves pink and blue. She was born on Dec 9, 1988.

About Josh

Josh and Vickie
Josh and Vickie



Josh loved green and blue! May 29, 1985-Oct 12, 2017.


MelisaAbout Melisa

Melisa loved purple and blue! Feb 2, 1983-July 21, 2015.

victoria.jpgVictoria Joshua and Melisa

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