Spirit Sparkplugs For Kids


Here are a few of the other things we offer for children, teens and young adults who may be going through cancer treatment, or dealing with chronic illness and/or disabling chronic pain conditions, who are hospital/house/bed bound, or facing tragedy.

1. “Letter Bomb”. We will have our pre-approved list of letters writers send you or your child a letter, or card in the mail. You may get one, five or more cards, depending on how many letter writers we have on file at that time. *ALL AGES*

2. Care packages. Packages may come from NZ or USA and be made up of small gifts, crafts, candies or other assorted items depending on what we have available. We try to help tailor packages to suit the individual child. Please note we do not have big pools of funds though and can not service expensive toys or electronic items.  *UP TO AGE 24*

3. Homemade cards/care envelopes. In each care envelope something small will be included with the card that is posted. Be it a necklace, bookmark, key chain, or coaster, small children’s book, hair clips or other item. *ALL AGES*

4. Flat Kiwi Adventures.  When a child is home/bed/hospital bound or seriously ill and cannot get out very often, Spirit Sparkplugs will participate in a “Flat Kiwi Adventures Project” with the child. Flat Kiwi Adventures was first inspired by the Flat Stanley Project, but is targeted specifically towards sick kids. TO READ MORE PLEASE CLICK HERE! *UP TO AGE 14*

5. Become a “Spirit Sparkplugs Kid”. Support for your child in their guestbook with regular messages of encouragement from one of our ‘Spirit Sparkplugs Partners’ who will support them on their journey. FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE  *UP TO AGE 14*

Please do not apply for more than two options per person. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to EMAIL ME.


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