Sarah (Little Bird)

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37 year old Angel


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sarah (86)Sarah’s favorite color was Purple. She organised and paid for her own funeral when she was still well enough and she has chosen for her shroud to be lilac. Her favorite animal was a cat. She used to have a cat called Fudge. .Sarah LOVED motorbikes and was a member of M.A.G (Motorcycle Action Group) which stood up for bikers rights. Sarah is still with us inside, she loved looking at family photographs and her sister recently named her new baby Sarah, after her Auntie Sarah. Sarah had met the baby a few times and you could see in her eyes what it means to her just to see baby Sarah. She was in a nursing home and by the looks her family decorated it really good for her. Her wish was finally granted TWICE last year with the birth of Mya on March 17th and Sarah on October 16th. Seeing her little nieces makes her so happy. She has a son named Nathan who’s 15 years old. He visited his mom Sarah. He watched her get sicker. They loved each other very much though.

sarah (49)sarah (48)

These were taken about 6-7 years ago. The Wishing Well Foundation asked Sarah to make a wish. She said she would love to see a WWE event live with Nathan and Mom (me). They arranged for a stretch limo to pick us up, (champagne for me and Sarah, 7-Up for Nathan) took us to TGI Fridays for a bite to eat, then on to the NEC as they were on the Revenge tour. Sarah went bonkers when her favorite (Undertaker) came out. She had a fantastic day, never to be forgotten. I took loads of photo’s and made an album up for her. Memories. Nov 7, 1978-Oct 17, 2016.

sarah (79)

It will be 3 years in October since we lost our darling Sarah. I’m finally ready to carry out her wishes and scatter her ashes in the place she asked me to. We’re going next week and will be staying over for 2 nights. It will be hard and emotional, i know that, but these were her wishes and it’s the last thing i can do for her.
Going to say our final goodbye’s. Fly free my darling Sarah. Until we are re-united 💔😢💕


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Sarah’s Dream


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  1. My Daughter Patricia Jean Eagler just Passed into Heaven July 30th. 2016.5 months ago. I now wish (to late) that she could have meet this young Lady. and more like her so she wouldn’t have felt so much as the only one.. When she was in College she done reports on HD.I wasn’t aware that Make A Wish Foundation would have honored her with a wish. I thought it was for little children.she would have Loved to have been chosen for something like that.12-21-78.—7-30-2016. I am her mom and Her caregiver her whole life and I Miss Her so much The pain is unbearable.Thank You. Johnnie Mae Connolly.

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