Samantha Lovato

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Samantha Lovato

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samantha (39)

samantha (194)Samantha was born on Aug 17, 2004. She has many symptoms like seizures (controlled for now), some mental retardation, COORDINATION with the body, unexplained falls. And sometimes nightmares hallucinations, spontaneous reflux. Sam’s declining to much, she can’t read and write anymore, she fall a lot, more aggressive, compulsive, she is loosing her speech, shocking with food or drinks. Difficult to fall asleep. She has gotten very progressed. She no longer walks, she tries to communicate but is not understood, she cannot use her hands, she is already incontinent, right now at this moment we are in the hospital waiting for them to put a feeding tube, since she is not eating and has become dehydrated. sometimes is with us and sometimes is

in her own world.

samantha (147)AboutΒ Samantha

Samantha was a very happy and active girl. She loves to run, play video games (like Super Mario), loves watching cartoons of Pepa Pig, Power Rangers, and Tom And Jerry. Her favorite color is purple. She loves to swim and playing with other girls. She is friendly and always takes care of smaller children. samantha (103)At school she used to like to read to a young boy who doesn’t speak and can’t control his body movements. I don’t know what his disease is but he is aware of what is happening around them. He loves Samantha because every day she read to him in class and he really enjoyed it.

samantha (178)9-11-10 My Princess Rosy, my girl, I love her so much that it destroys me to see this terrible disease that limits her every day..... I can't imagine my life without her... she is my reason why I wake up and find strength to move on Every day, but I know that unfortunately this disease is taking me away... I love seeing her smile, she has a contagious smile so beautiful to see... Abcs life is so cruel. We need the cure for Huntington's disease known in Mexico as the evil of the zambito. Pray to find the cure. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»


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