RayLynn (Angel)

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RayLynn vs JHD

RayLynn (Angel) Gonzales

16 year old Angel

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Adorable RayLynn
Adorable RayLynn

RayLynn was very lovable. Always making Everyone smile. She Loved Butterflies, m&m’s with peanuts, Michael Jackson,mostly purple, pink, and the Big Bang Theory. She never let this disease slow her down until the very end. June 26, 1995-Feb 23, 2012.

RayLynnAs I am combing my baby Gracie’s hair for bed, she says “Mama, I miss my sister so much it makes me sad inside… But then when I close my eyes and dream, there she is!” That comforts my heart knowing RayLynn is right by her side. Love and miss you Angel Baby! –Raylynn’s Mom

with her brother
with her brother

In Loving Memory Of RayLynn

I did it. I needed to do it, just never realized it before. I have accepted Jesus into my life and most important in my heart where he has been all my life. My daughter who dances with Jesus everyday told me in my ear… “Mama, it’s real, heaven is real!” She is there waiting for me to come see her one day and Angel baby I will. And I will live here on earth like you did. Everyday is important and every second matters because you never know when it’s gone. I crossed my heart with my arms as I went under the water only to see later my Angel was with my on my arms to show me she was with me while I did it. RayLynn, Thank you for showing me the way. I will see you when I cross that vail one day, and then I will never have to say goodbye again. I love you sweet baby.  Love, Mama


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