Meaghan Cancelmo

15 year old Angel

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meaghan (2)Meaghan, 12, a seventh grader at Middle School. She has Juvenile Huntington’s Disease. Her father  has adult Huntington’s Disease, a progressive genetic neurological disease.

Meaghan’s mother, Kinser, said she wants to increase awareness of Huntington’s Disease. 
meaghan (21)

Kinser said she feels the dog, which is specially trained, will fit in well with the family’s golden retriever and with Meaghan’s sister, Alyssa.

It costs almost $10,000 to train the NEADS dog, and the students and staff at Baird Middle School are well on the way to raising the funds.

Meaghan passed away from cardiac arrest.

meaghan (19)About Meaghan

Meaghan is “ecstatic” about getting the dog, a Labrador retriever. She Loves Animals! Especially Dogs.. She also loved Disney and Boston and NYC! She also loved the color pink

Meaghan’s Website


meaghan (68)Kinser (Meaghan 15) Meaghan was diagnosed with JHD at the age of 10. She lived a fairly normal life until age 14. We got her a service dog when she was 12. Dixie was her best friend. The best thing we could’ve ever done for Meg. Right before she turned 15, she fell down our stairs and that is when all of her neurological problems went into full gear. By the summer of 2015, she was struggling terribly. She couldn’t walk without holding onto things. She was itchy a lot of the time, didn’t sleep, choked occasionally and was starting to have problems keeping weight on. In July, I admitted her to the hospital because she had skin ulcers, uncontrollable itching and was not sleeping more than 1-2 hours at a time at night. It was the worst thing. She ended up in the hospital from the end of July until she passed in November, due to going into cardiac arrest. Totally unexpected. The whole 4 months was a nightmare of fighting, politics and doctors not knowing how to help my poor baby. The direct care she received from the nurses was phenomenal. Other than that, I could’ve killed everyone. This disease is a horrible, terrible, cruel way to live, for anyone, but, especially for our children.



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