Luke Ethridge

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luke (5)Luke was born on May 31st. He diagnosed a year and a half ago in 2013, but his friends started noticing changes in Jr high.The day Luke was diagnosed they said dementia had set in and also told him no more driving. He shakes more some days more than others and has problems with his speech. Some days he has more difficulty than others. Lukes Dad passed away in 2008 from HD. His Aunt and Grandma also had hd. Luke graduated in 2011 and played football in high school. He has 2 older brothers, one has tested negative for the HD gene.

About Lukeluke (37)

Luke has always loved animals and has 3 dogs. lab named Diesel, a Basset Hound named Tater and his favorite a dachshund mix named Isabella. His favorite color is orange. He loves visiting Colorado and the mountains. 

luke (48)July 17, 2018 Please keep Luke in your thoughts and prayers. He has been admitted to the University of Iowa hospital for treatment of obsessive/compulsive issues and severe weight loss due to not eating.

luke (68)
Luke’s 26th Birthday Party





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