Krystal and Kari

Krystal and Her Sister Kari
30 years old and 18 year old Angels

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krystal (36)Krystal passed away and is now with her sister together forever. I wish they would hurry and find a cure. Krystal has had a tough road to travel these last several years. But she was a very strong young girl. She’s shown more strength than me. I love you baby girl an I miss you with all my heart. Meg made another trip to the facility so that I could Skype with Krystal. My baby looked so good. She told me she has lost 20 lbs. With the help of Meg, we were able to communicate a little better today. 
kari (2)This is my beautiful angel Kari….I miss her everyday. Today must be my day that Kari is watching over me. Here is another song that was played at her funeral and it just came on as I was posting on my Juvenile Huntington’s page. I miss you baby and my heart is breaking. Please give me some kind of comfort. I LOVE YOU!!!

Krystal and Kari

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