Khalia and Kiara

Khalia and Her Sister Kiara 

9 year old Angel

Khalia and Kiara

Khalia and Kiara Inseperable and Not Twins Either

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Khalia CAG is 100. Kiara CAG is 150. Khalia has dystonia in her feet, itchy spells, and speech is limited. She is now having seizures and is on a sleep aid for it at night.

Kiara had multiple seizures, night screaming, swallowing or forgetting how to eat, uses a wheelchair most of the day, speech is also limited, muscles are twisting caused her extreme pain, and excessive drooling. She’s now free of the pain she endured, at only 9 years old. They’re the best huggers

-Their Mom 

About Themkhalia and kiara (103)

Khalia likes Purple, ponies, and loves crackers.

Kiara liked Pink, Minnie/Mickey Mouse, and listening to music.

What she could really use

khalia (4)

Happy 12th Birthday Khalia!!


  • color crayons/books/paints/pencils

  • anything tinkerbell/hello kitty

You can contact their mom at:


3 comments on “Khalia and Kiara
  1. Jan Todd says:

    Beautiful girls! I hate JHD!!!

  2. Pat Wolf says:

    these girls are so precious, hate they have to suffer.

  3. Rustey M. says:

    Huntington’s disease is a science fiction writer’s favorite because it is so cruel and affects so, so many people. I read that more people have & will have HD than ALS. We need better promotions! Get the word out & publicize!

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