Khalia and Kiara

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Khalia and Her Sister Kiara 

12 year old and 9 year old Angels

Khalia and Kiara
Khalia and Kiara Inseperable and Not Twins Either

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Khalia CAG 100. Kiara CAG 150. Khalia had dystonia in her feet, itchy spells, and speech limited. She had  seizures and was on a sleep aid for it at night.

Kiara had multiple seizures, night screaming, swallowing or forgetting how to eat, uses a wheelchair most of the day, speech is also limited, muscles are twisting caused her extreme pain, and excessive drooling. She’s now free of the pain she endured, at only 9 years old. They were the best huggers

-Their Mom 

About Themkhalia and kiara (103)

Khalia liked Purple, ponies, and loved crackers. June 10, 2006-July 28, 2018.

Kiara liked Pink, Minnie/Mickey Mouse, and listening to music. July 10, 2007- Sept 29, 2016.

Saturday July 28, 2018 at 2:50 a.m. My first born, Khalia reunited with her father and sister. For those who do not know Tyrone passed away Saturday June 30, 2018. While these losses are truly heartbreaking it gives me comfort knowing they are all together. The last 10 years have been challenging. It had me questioning my faith, strength, and hope for the future. There were many times I just wanted to give up but I found the strength to keep going. While I found myself yesterday asking “why” there was no answer except it is the end of a long family journey. Today I woke up still with tears in my eyes but realized this is also a new beginning for me. I no longer have to make life decisions for anyone except myself. I won’t have anxiety when my phone rings now thinking it is that life/death decision call. I have learned a lot about love, friendships, and people. I don’t have any expectations for what the future has in store for me next. For now I just need to get out of bed everyday with hope… hope that I will see them again one day.

Khalia and KiaraKhalia and KiaraKiara3.jpg

4 Replies to “Khalia and Kiara”

  1. Huntington’s disease is a science fiction writer’s favorite because it is so cruel and affects so, so many people. I read that more people have & will have HD than ALS. We need better promotions! Get the word out & publicize!

  2. Thank you for allowing them into our hearts!! Inseparable sisters here and in heaven. No more pain and suffering or fear. They’re so sweet. They touched so many lives and continue to Angels on Earth and In Heaven.

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