Kevin McMillan

27 year old Angel

kevin (2)His name is Kevin and he had jhd with dementur , he was a lively 18 yr old , and also his dad died when he was 10 but his dad told him all about this , so in a way he knew , Kevin went at 18 and got the test done , but i already new he had this terrible disease i felt so guilty and giving my beautiful son this ,his favorite color is blue , he loves football his teams are kilmarnock and ross county ,he went from being an out door person to some one in a wheel chair so quick and he still smiling , when we go to visit him he smiles all the time he was told he had 5 to 10 years that time is about up so he is failing fast so we spend as much time as possible time with Kevin as we can , he shakes all the and has no leg ,movement at all he loves his music , playing domino’s and cards xx

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