Kendra (Snowbunny)

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Kendra (Snowbunny)

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kendra (1)Kendra’s grandfather took his like because he had HD and her father passed away from HD in 2009.  Her aunt the year before that.  Her cousin who is in her later early 30’s has Adult HD.  Kendra was born on Sept 20, 1997. She was diagnosed in 2011 but I knew way before her diagnosis that she had it.  I just didn’t want to admit it at the time.  She has had a really hard time at school because of bullying and of course no one knowing what Huntingtons Disease is let alone JHD.  I have met with the school a number of times and keep trying to educate them on the disease.  It is slowly getting better.  I finally made contact with a social worker that works for the HD foundation and she has seen Dr. Sanchez who has researched HD for much of his life.  She loves to Dance Listen to music and Text

Kendra Getting To Meet Prince Royce
Kendra Getting To Meet Prince Royce

Kendra is progressing quite quickly and I just want her to be as happy as she can be while she can.  She is a beautiful, loving, funny girl and has so much to offer.  I hope that a cure will be found in her lifetime but I know to not get my hopes up. 

 Kendra has myself (her mom), 2 sisters. a neice and a brother in law that are here giving her support Anything I can do to help with the fight or awareness of JHD and HD I will do. Kendra has a daughter and just wants to spend as much time with her as possible.

Thank you very much for all you are doing.  🙂


Tara Small

Kendra’s Bucket List and Medical Care:


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