Judy (Ju Ju) and Carissa (Rissa)

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Judy (Ju Ju) and her big sister Carissa (Rissa) Krivanek

19 year old and 24 year old Angels

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Carissa and her sister Judy bravely fought Juvenile Huntington’s Disease, and passed away, so did their father from the adult form, it’s a genetic disease. They were amazing kids and will live on forever. ❤ Carissa May 16, 1990-June 18, 2014. Judy July 24, 1991-Dec 17, 2010.

Carissa and Judy
Carissa and Judy

carissa (5)Dear Carissa, Wednesday we lost one of its greatest beauties and I lost my big sister, the one who I looked up to growing up, admired, and only wished I could be half as strong and optimistic as. Going forward I don’t quite know how to move forward. This all so sudden. I only hope you went peacefully and felt comforted and knew the love people have for you. No one could hate you. You are sweet, kind. I remember my favorite game as kids when we would go out on the trampoline late at night and we played jungle. You were always the kangaroo because you could jump the highest. I always wanted to be the kangaroo. I also will always remember your beauty that was obviously exterior but so much interior. Just about more than anyone than I know. Obviously the guys gawked over you and got your fair share of attention. I know how we talked about what your life would be without HD and the things you would want, kids, a husband, a career. And I’m sorry this shitty disease took that all from you. I only hope my kids somehow gave you that glimpse of the joy of having a child. My girls love you so much. I don’t quite know how Kimila especially is going to adjust. She was always wanting to hang on you and play with you in her bedroom. Its going to be a hard road but even having you there for a moment makes me very lucky. I am lucky to know you and you changed my life and made me a better person. I hope you know all that. I also hope you know that I love you for everything you are and were for me. You are absoulety amazing and I hope you are with Judy and your daddy living it up. I know how much you missed them. You no longer have to hurt and that makes me feel good. Forever and always you will be remember and your impact in this world is unfathomable. I love you big sis. RIP


Oh my girls. Another beautiful double rainbow. Thank goodness Carissa always believed she could give signs. I love you Carissa and Judith. With your family, and all our love -Alyson Carissa and Judy’s Mom

Judy and Carissajudy-and-carissa

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3 Replies to “Judy (Ju Ju) and Carissa (Rissa)”

  1. wow. what a wonderful family carrissa was one strong lady along with her father and sister may they all rest in peace. they are no longer feeling the pain they are our guardian angels watching over family and friends.they were all strong to the end.hope they find some kind of cure for this disease.

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