Joshua  Berkobien 15 years old

August 8, 2000 – May 9, 2016

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joshua (6)Joshua was diagnosed in July of 1012. He was showing signs at about 7. His father past away about 5 years ago. He was only 37. He is such a happy kid n has a beautiful smile. Unfortunately when he looses his temper he gets uncontrollable. He is in the 8th grade special education class. He attends middle school.  Joshua took a bad fall yesterday and had to get 12 staples in his head. I called his teacher and she was devastated to hear the news. So today one of his adds dropped off get well cards from the classroom. Susan made Josh a special card n gave him a bear. He brighten up so much. The smile she put on his face is as priceless as she is!

About Joshua

Joshua loves teddy bears sponge bob n all the avengers. His most favorite is spider man. His favorite color is blue.


2 comments on “Joshua
  1. Sarah says:

    You’re in our heart’s and in our prayers!

  2. Michelle Cavazos and family says:

    Amy I just found out today about your beautiful son. I am so sorry. I pray peace of God for you and your family always. I miss you guys and have thought of you all often. I am going to email you. I hope to talk to you soon. We Love you,
    Michelle Cavazos and family

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