Joshua Berkobien

15 year old Angel

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joshua (2)

Joshua was diagnosed in July of 1012. He was showing signs at about 7. His father past away about 5 years ago. He was only 37. He is such a happy kid n has a beautiful smile. Unfortunately when he lost his temper he got uncontrollable. He was in the 8th grade special education class. He attended middle school.  Joshua took a bad fall and had to get 12 staples in his head. I called his teacher and she was devastated to hear the news. So today one of his aids dropped off get well cards from the classroom. Susan made Josh a special card and gave him a bear. He brightened up so much. The smile she put on his face is as priceless as she is!

joshua (6)

About Joshua

Joshua loved teddy bears sponge bob and all the avengers. His most favorite was spider man. His favorite color was blue. August 8, 2000-May 9, 2016.


3 Replies to “Joshua”

  1. Amy I just found out today about your beautiful son. I am so sorry. I pray peace of God for you and your family always. I miss you guys and have thought of you all often. I am going to email you. I hope to talk to you soon. We Love you,
    Michelle Cavazos and family

  2. It’s been a while since that pic of me and Josh. Can’t believe I went from monkey suits to Army greens. I miss Josh a lot. I wish now that I could have been there for him more when he was here.

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