Joost Roorda

23 year old Angel

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joost (36)Pleasant, this was Joost. A naturally cheerful, humorous and caring boy. A boy who loved socializing, of togetherness, of tough guys things, making fun. Throughout his childhood love of Lego already, but now he was a bigger gaming and watching TV his favorite pastime. Fond of animals and farm life.

Joost born on Jan 20, 1999-Oct 20, 2022, he lived with his brother Gijs with his mother and (second) father. Four years ago from Friesland moved to the beautiful Limburg. Joost was currently to special secondary education in Tegelen. He was with the youth fire of Horst aan de Maas and went goes regularly to care farm Wienes in Hegelsom. Occasionally Joost was a weekend stay. He also found boulder-rough!

joost (8)Remarkably, the Joost was not easy perishes in life. From a group of three striking child in school. They found him in a group in two and a super excited child, group three was that annoying enthusiasm and his behavior was hyperactive and very present. At that time his father was seriously ill. Could no longer work and came home to sit. Later been his father to day-trip destinations. Eventually, following a shooting in the nursing and Joost his father deceased to the effects of Huntington’s disease in 2007. Joost showed behavioral disorders in this period. Not surprising perhaps when you have to make it at this age. Much Joost his behavior meant that he was being investigated. (2009) The diagnosis was PDD-NOS. An autism related disorder. There are also characteristics of ADHD. With counseling and medication was by Joost subsequent years. Just moved to a new environment and he went in Horst also first to special education. This appears to be a good step. Joost was a few weeks another child. Or rather, he is himself. A cheerful boy, caring and was going regularly on his sceelers to school. Joost has had been a fine life.

The club wants to Joost unfortunately not succeed. He had tried everything but could not find the connection. The youth fire of Horst aan de Maas he really enjoyed it. It was him that things were not as easy to succeed him as the other children. The atmosphere in the group, he loved it. It was nice to belong somewhere.

joost (18)Joost went to special education. Since September 2011 Because home and school were still experiencing problems with his behavior and because Joost Joost ‘non-being nice’ seems to be a route is decided to proceed with an ambulatory autism team. (2012) This is due to a number of problems, including motor problems (writing and walking), psychological problems (depression, negativity) and cognitive problems (learning seems harder to go). Joost was significantly screened. It finally comes the high word out; Joost had probably something neurological. Looking at the genetics of Huntington’s disease is feared the worst. The pediatric neurologist at the University Hospital in Nijmegen via DNA investigation that Joost indeed at age 13 had Huntington’s disease. Probably the cause of all the concerns he had all his life. In any case, he had the utmost care for the rest of his life. Joost was still pretty good to circumstances. Most important is that he was happy and satisfied. He passed away at age 23.

Joost has some great passions. These were;

  • Animal care
  • Truckrun
  • Gaming
  • Lego
  • The young firefighters Horst aan de Maas
  • Watch TV

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