Ty Kingery

17 year old Angel

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tyTy was 14 years old and in the 8th grade. In November of 2006, he was diagnosed with JHD. He is very inspirational. He rode a zamboni and went to Disney on ice. For his make a wish he wished to go on a disney cruise on June 2007. ‘Ty and his family set sail on a 5-day cruise aboard the Disney Wonder Ship. He usesd a wheelchair unless he goes for very short distances and had to get botox injections to be able to close his mouth. He used a feeding tube so he could eat and get the supplements and nourishment he need since it was so hard for him to swallow.

Ty had his bi-annual appointment at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham on October 1. He was diagnosed with

Ty with Columbus Lions Head Coach Gibson . Ty helped with coin toss.
Ty helping with coin toss

oromandibular dystonia. Many of you who have seen him recently have noticed that Ty cannot close his mouth and his tongue is always out. He had botox injections into his jaw muscles within the next few weeks. He loved to watch WWE Wrestling and Tom and Jerry. He loved Blue and Orange. May 8, 1996-March 4, 2014. ty (47)

For more updates on ty you can go to tys website at http://tykingery.org/index.htm



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