Patrick (P.A) and Jonathan

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Patrick- Anthony and Jonathan Drossos

15 year old Angel 

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527704_3915574535002_1146325154_nPatrick-Anthony was a beautiful little blond haired boy full of life. His smile could light up a room, but his incredible blue eyes would melt anyone’s heart. Patrick-Anthony was a typical child, reaching all his milestones like, walking, talking, potty training etc on an head of time schedule.

In 1998, Patrick-Anthony’s brother was born, and on that night, his whole world changed. Patrick-Anthony’s dad, was diagnosed with HD. Patrick-Anthony knew only that his daddy had a muscle disease. Although Patrick-Anthony had speech problems, no one ever thought that in 5 short years later he too would be diagnosed with HD. His brother Jonathan has been diagnosed at 19 years old.

226080_1047384792051_8223_nPatrick-Anthony at the age of 10 had shown no growth. He was the same size as he was at 8. He went to numerous doctors. To “rule out illnesses”. He was a pin cushion to most. At the age of 11, he went for an MRI, to rule out a stroke, but the answer came back HD. He wasn’t devastated though…As he sat in Dr. Jang-Ho Cha’s office he looked at him and said “well, what do you want me to do?”. He took each day in stride. He never said “why me?” never said “why not them?” never let anyone take away his independence. Shortly after his 12th birthday the seizures began. He was put on seizure meds, which helped originally but as he grew older his seizures happened more often and more intense. His balance was failing also, and stitches became our friend. In October of 2007 was his first hospitalization for dehydration, and then again in January of 2008. In February of 2008, just weeks before his 15th birthday, Patrick-Anthony had a massive seizure while at school.  We spent days in ICU. He came home on Kepra. We think, he had a reaction to it and was back in the hospital for several more days in ICU…after numerous tests, we decided as a family to take him home for his birthday. We knew it was the end. Patrick-Anthony died 6 days later in our arms. Feb 26, 1993-March 2, 2008.

About Patrick

Patrick loved Fishing Swimming Watching Movies and Frogs Especially Kermit The Frog. Patrick wanted to go to Harvard. It was his life goal. He talked about it alot. Rest In Peace Angel.

jonathan (25)About Jonathan

Born on June 5, 1998. Jonathan likes playing xbox. He does like football, just not loves it. He wrestled in high school. He likes the Navy, he was trying to go in there. He likes being up at our camp . We call “up country”


One Reply to “Patrick (P.A) and Jonathan”

  1. Happy birthday PA . Seeing those pictures instantly brought back all the memories I have of him. He was such a happy , caring, and extremely smart boy. Rip angel ❤

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