Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization (HDYO)

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HDYO is special – it is run entirely by young people for young people. Whether it is the HDYO board, which contains young people who are from families affected by Huntington’s disease, or the HDYO translators who translate all HDYO’s material – young people are involved and at the heart of everything HDYO does. At HDYO we take great pride in empowering more young people to get involved with the organisation. HDYO also has experts and professionals from various fields to review and provide feedback on all HDYO content.

The Huntington’s Disease Youth Organisation is an international non-profit voluntary organisation set up to specifically provide support for young people around the world impacted by Huntington’s disease of all kinds.

The money to initially launch HDYO was raised by young people working on the project, through various acts of fundraising. Now, HDYO is financially supported and backed by the Huntington’s Disease Associations around the world – who each donate an annual sum to the HDYO cause, which enables HDYO to create more support, educational information and opportunities for young people impacted by HD around the world.

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