Giuliano Serena and Damiano

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GiulianoSerena and Damiano Ferraro

Giuliano 15 year old Angel

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serena giuliano damianoWe now know all 3 children at risk have been diagnosed with jhd. Giuliano and Damiano are brothers, Serena is their sister, all diagnosed with Juvenile Huntington’s Disease. Brave and living life to the fullest. Damiano goes to his Dad’s house every week. It is October 23, 2015.. for 12 weeks now they’ve known Damiano has jhd. Giuliano has passed away.

guiliano (2)About Giuliano

He loved Dolphins and all shades of blue. He was very happy and always smiling. He passed away still with that smile. May 2, 2001-June 21, 2016.

damiano (55)About Damiano

Damiano was born March 28, 2003. He’s always on his laptop playing Maincraft. He loves every color.

serena (76)About Serena

Serena was born on April 10, 2007. She loves purple and pink and horses. She loves Dancing. They’ve recently been working on a speaking device with her.


Dear Giuliano your eternal warm smile you always fought valiantly by day rest in peace

Giuliano, Damiano, and Serenagiuliano-damiano-serenaGiuliano Serena and Damiano


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