Erik and Jessica Mavilla

Erik Joannides Mavilla  23 years old and Jessica Joannides Mavilla 29 years old

Jessica November 4, 1987 Erik December 22, 1982- November 24, 2006

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erik and jessica (101)Erik was 23 when he passed away, he started with JHD at 16 .When his father passed away with HD he was 42 years old……My Erik passed away 6 years ago,And when Erik past away my girl Jessica started with JHD. She was 18 and now she is 25………They both worked in the circus, Erik was a clown,and Jessica did a hula hoop act she was amazing and beautiful.I am writing you this so you know my kids..They where and are still  so strong, my Erik had very bad moments with JHD but he was strong till the end….always with a smile on his beautiful face, and now my Jessica is passing very hard moments…….But like her brother she is strong and i try to give her all my love and to make her happy in this life that she has so little time to live!…It hurt so much to see her getting worse every day like Erik….JHD has and is still taking away my kids that are my LIFE….

Jessica and Erik

Jessica and Erik



Erik and Jessica

2 comments on “Erik and Jessica Mavilla
  1. desireejoannides says:

    All this JHD kids are so beautiful…LOVE THEM SO MUCH

  2. God bless Erik and Jessica. ❤ ❤ God bless Desiree too for being so strong. xoxox

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