Emily (Bubbles)

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Emily Krull

21 year old Angel

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emily (145)Our daughter Emily came into our life at 6 weeks old.. We had been waiting 12 years for her. We adopted her.♥ Emily was a very good baby… As a child she was very happy and joyful and her friends called her “Bubbles” as she ran & jumped & played.. But as she got older she became emotional & moody and her grades in school went down fast. It took 8 neurologists to diagnose her with Juvenile Huntington’s Disease. We lost our daughter Emily at 21 years old. Emily is still on three videos continuing to get awareness & education about JHD & HD.. Emily Donating For HDHer stem cells are growing and separating to be used to help find a cure..She is still here working. She knew it would not help her but Emily wanted to give her skin cells to make Stem Cells and help find a Cure for others. She also talked to Researchers & Doctors & other HD Patients. Thanking the Researchers & Doctors for helping to find the cure or treatment. ” DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME & DON’T CRY FOR ME ” ” I’M OK MOM ” AMAZING ANGEL SHE LOVED THAT GIVING HER “STEM CELLS” WAS HELPING TO FIND THE CURE ! Emily’s  STEM CELLS ARE STILL WORKING FOR A CURE 5 YEARS

emily (169)About Emily 

She lived life to the fullest as always and we went Skydiving, River Rafting & Parasailing & Emmy met Jordan Farmar (Her Cutie) from the Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Team and got her dream dog Leilani a Golden Retriever Puppy along with many other adventures… Emily loved Fishing (Lake and Ocean) Camping & Houseboating with our family & friends.. : )

Emily was full of Grace & Courage and did not want anyone to feel sorry for her. She would walk into a room of people and not say a word and touch everyone in the room. Her smile melted your heart and Emily was always thinking of others. 

EmilyDriving The SeaDoo So Fast & Turning So Ted Fell Off In The Water, Punching Ted In The Arm When He Was Acting Silly, also Meeting Her Birth Mother Michelle, Meeting Jordan Farmer ( HER CUTIE) From The LAKERS Basketball Team, also all The Whipped Cream Fights With Jason, Her Friend… So Many Memories

Loved Daisies Dressing Up Makeup Halloween Christmas Camping Fishing Houseboat Vacations Animals Tacos Pizza Air Head Candy Faeries Mermaids and Ducks, A Wish Of Her’s Was To Get A Puppy The One On Her Lap June 20, 1988-Oct 5, 2009.

Emily Wrote..

emilyEmilyemily21.jpgEmily 3

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