Dominic Birch

16 year old Angel

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dominic (105)Dominic got sick at a very young age no could think he had jhd i went to dr after dr it took 4 years to get him tested as no one wanted to do it thats the way it is in Australia and because Dominic was adopted , then at age 11 he was tested he was given 2 to 3 years then thats what they told me , Dominic has well passed that at age 15 . but when he was little everyone said its adhd etc etc but i knew it was jhd but no one would listen , Dominic is my life i love him so very much , Dominic before he was tested would hit me throw stuff around go into like trance like states then after awhile he would be fine.

About Dominic

He loves Holden Cars Pokemon and Football and Playing Uno.Dominic

Dominic was always fun loveing and smiling and he had that one dimple dominic loved pokemon cards and blondes , dominic never complained that he was sick nothing he just took it and went with it , there are so many , i always used to say to him then he would say it back( i love you around and around the round about because a round about never ends) always he said it back. Nov 9, 1996-Aug 24, 2013.


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