Daylan Gibson

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daylan (164)I am in desperate need for your help to raise money for Stem Cell treatment for my son Daylan who has Juvenile Huntington’s Disease.  Daylan was born Sept 2, 1993 and is now a handsome 20 year old man who needs a chance to fight and control this horrible disease until the doctors find a CURE.  We have decided to try Stem Cell treatment in hopes that it slows down the progression and restore cells, which could give him some of his ability back.  Without this treatment, Daylan will continue to progress and eventually become unable to walk, talk, eat,  even sit up by himself.  This is a fatal disease.   I know God has a plan for my son, Daylan and I want him to be able to follow it!  I need your help, please consider taking a few moments to donate what ever you can to help Daylan. 

Blessings, Melissa-Daylan’s Mom

Daylan’s Medical

About Daylan

daylan (35)Daylan loves, basketball, the color red for Buckeyes, working out, paint-balling, and swimming. He’s a funny, lovable guy who likes video games, phones and all the accessories -he literally has about 75 phones cases, shoes, Jordans ONLY!! He’s a mommas boy.

daylan (123)February 5, 2020- My poor guy has been through so much pain and set backs within the last few months….now, he has the horrible FLU which most likely caused his ComplexPartial Seizures to start with the fever/infection… OSU has him on fluids, started KEPPRA & Tamiflu …we shall see what tomorrow brings❤️💜💙

August 18, 2020- Feeding Tube Came Out, Please God No Catching Covid While Here, An Endoscopy With GTube Placement Again.



Hope For Daylan

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