Daylan Gibson

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daylan (164)My son Daylan who has Juvenile Huntington’s Disease.  Daylan was born Sept 2, 1993 who needs a chance to fight and control this horrible disease until the doctors find a CURE.  Daylan will continue to progress and eventually become unable to walk, talk, eat,  even sit up by himself.  This is a fatal disease.  I know God has a plan for my son, Daylan and I want him to be able to follow it!  

About Daylan

daylan (35)Daylan loves, basketball, the color red for Buckeyes, working out, paint-balling, and swimming. He’s a funny, lovable guy who likes video games, phones and all the accessories -he literally has about 75 phones cases, shoes, Jordans ONLY!! He’s a mommas boy.



Hope For Daylan

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