Christina (Beaner)

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35 year old Angel

Watching Her Daughter
Watching Her Daughter

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Christina, when she was well she loved church shopping and her kids was her life she would do anything for them. A jokester. Lol food fights were right up her alley lol every bday party you would of loved her the her before hd made her a different person. April 23, 1979-May 10, 2014.

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2 Replies to “Christina (Beaner)”

  1. this is probably the cruelest disease,it cyphons every neuron,and causes HD adult patients
    and children with JHD to appear as zombies,and its excruciatingly emotionally painful for
    the beloved immediate family members to watch their adult children and grandchildren
    enter a continuous cycle of deterioration,this lady Christina Beaner,sadly passed away
    with her little girl witnessing a very traumatic event.
    I hope her little girl receives some extra support from a mental health
    practictioner,with alot of experience in bereavement,in order to get passed this
    traumatic loss of a parent.

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