Christopher and Sadie

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Christopher and Sadie 

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christopher and sadie (32)

Mom was so sick when she signed them over to my husband and myself- then the state found her incompetent and children entered the state system. My husband and I rushed to get the foster care license to keep them in Our home. They never had to leave. Several relatives and 2 1/2 years later, the State awarded us adoption placement. And the rest is history. Our goal is to give them the happiest most loved life they could ever have. God truly had this plan laid out years before we knew His plan.

The 6 yr old is symptomatic and tested (+) and is on daily medicine treatment. The 5 yr old does not yet have symptoms, but is expected to within the year.

Both he and SJ absolutely love reading. They will pick up books and tell you the story even though they don’t know how to read. Also. If they have a new book- they make the story up, which is both cute and clever.

About Christopher

christopher (37)Christopher (CJ) born Oct 23rd, 2009. Such a fun athletic people pleaser who aims for excellence and happiness in others. You will catch him doing goofy things to get a smile out of someone ill, sad, or hurt. He is such a great big brother to his little sister and has always kept a big brothers eye out for her. He also is a fun icing brother to our 12 yr old and loves anything athletic he can do with her. CJ thrives in school, AWANA, and Sunday school and says this is his favorite things.

About Sadie

sadie (13)Sadie (SJ) born Feb 16, 2011.. is a very happy and elated about life little girl. Havinga princess sister has given (SJ) an innate sense of a girly girl life. She is a bit of a diva- always loving the big poofy dresses. Loves her hair and nails done very day. And lives for showing off. The cutie that she is has given her plenty of attention which has heightened this behavior. SJ loves to dance and sing and enjoys putting on “shows”. She loves anything pink, sparkly, lacy, and ruffled. She too enjoys school, not quite as much and CJ, but still loves it. She always has a baby of some sort and is such a mother hen to them as well as younger cousins.

Christopher and SadieChristopher and Sadie

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  1. My son has juvenile’s. He was diagnosed at 15. Still living at 22 but at O”Berry Medical Neurolgy treatment Center. My prayers are with you. It takes a strong, special, loving person to do what you are doing. I tried as long as I could. Had to let my baby go at 19. Of course just let him go to a home, not out of my life. 🙂

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