Chris Jr. and Jasmine Moore

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Chris Jr. and Jasmine Moore

21 Years Old Angel and 20 Year Old Angel

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chris-jr-and-jasmine-30.jpgChris Jr and his sister Jasmine. Both diagnosed with Juvenile Huntington’s Disease 2 years ago. Their father and aunt have the adult form of hd.  Jasmine had some leg pain. They had chorea and stuttering. They both had wheelchairs as it was hard for them to walk.

chris-jr-17About Chris Jr.

Chris Jr, He was Quiet, shy, liked playing basketball & video games & loved hanging out with his cousins! He was raiders fan, likes the lakers & the yankees. He was a silver and black fan. Dec 1, 2000-April 30, 2022

jasmine (12)About Jasmine

Jasmine was quiet,shy, liked fashion, liked cutting magazines, one direction, reading & her favorite color was purple she was a cowboys fan, bulls & yankees as well. March 29, 1999-December 18, 2019 

Chris Jr. and JasmineChris Jr. and Jasmine

3 Replies to “Chris Jr. and Jasmine Moore”

  1. My Grandkids….My Heart will never be the same….My Heart is torn in some many pieces. .We need a cure JHD is real and it suxs…I love you Jazzy and Chris….

  2. I thought you all looked familiar. I was in AZ a few weeks ago. I saw you and your family in the plaza by the Christmas tree. I could not stop looking at Jasmine because she reminded me s so much of my RayLynn. She lived the cowboys and had short hair just like you. You brought me a joy I haven’t had in a while just to see that smile again was a blessing. I know all this sounds so odd, but as a mother of an HD Angel. It truly made my heart sing to know how strong these kids really are. Thank you for sharing your smile and your strength.
    If you wouldn’t mind, I would be very willing to share stories of my RayLynn. It brings my heart joy to speak her name.
    Thanks for reading.
    Jennie Gonzales
    Mother of RayLynn Gonzales passed of JHD at age 16.

  3. These are my Grandchildren…Since these pictures…Both are in wheelchairs…and can no longer walk or eat or drink alone…Chris needs help to use the bathroom… Jasmine no longer can sit or go to the bathroom . Jasmine is having a very hard time to swallow her food .. Neither can hold their cups. Spoons…My Grandchildren are losing their battle…God Help Them…

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