Cameron (Cami) and Alexia

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Cameron and Alexia

14 year old Angel

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cameron and alexia (2)
Alexia and Cameron

He started showing symptoms at 4. His father is in a nursing home and he is 41. He has 5 siblings including a twin sister Alexia, both born on Sept 1st.


In January 2018, Alexia (Cameron’s twin) was diagnosed with JHD. She is 16, my heart is broken , I’m having such a hard time just writing this as if writing it will make it truer. Her CAG is 69 and among many other symptoms (mostly mental) she has started having focal seizures. This scares me for obvious reasons but also because Alexia was born intellectually disabled. So I’m so scared that that will be a factor in how quickly she loses skills. I cant believe I am here again.. She’s having a 24 hour eeg right now.

cameron (17)

About Cameron

He loved Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo, Spongebob, He loved playing Angry Birds and Monkey Quest On the IPad, His Favorite Movies Were Over the Hedge, Ice Age, and he Loved, Ice Cream Sundaes! Blue was his favorite. He liked Red too. 

alexia (20)About Alexia

Her Favorite Color Is Pink. She likes princesses, shimmer and shine, spongebob, Just Dance on the Wii.. She loves to dance she also loves to sing and listen to music She loves to go to school, she is in Drama, piano class and music therapy as well as special needs sports (basketball and baseball)

Cameron and Alexia.jpg

Cameron (2)


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