Briana Deleon

8 year old Angel

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Briana (44)Briana was always pointing it she tries to walk and talk even knowing she can’t no more she used to be a healthy little girl walk run and full of life when she was 3 years old she started to falling a lot took her to the doc he say she was probably a little clumsy but then she only was crawling wouldn’t walk at all the doc did an MRI he didn’t see nothing wrong then with her but then i seen she was always sick with pneumonia i ask doc didn’t say nothing just give me birthing treatments for her then she stop talking i took her to the emergency room and they just send her home but i took her to another doc and she say that she needed to see a specialist and that same day they send her to this emergency then from here they send her to cooks children were she was in the hospital for a month on till they did a spinal something and that’s how i found out she had huntington chorea she was getting physical therapy and everything she needed.

Briana (3)She started walking again she couldn’t talk anymore but she was always happy on till a year ago she had to get a feeding tube and stop walking she is a happy baby when she is not in pain but she always in pain know on ct 2013 she had a seizure after that she been getting them almost every day one time she had like 20 of them in one day she had to be in the hospital for 2 weeks but that’s the most she ever got know she has of the most like 5 the less she got is one but she doing better we call her NanaBriana’s dad died on the 2nd of huntingtons to and she never got to see him she was in the hospital too. Briana sadly passed away also. Nov 8, 2007-April 5, 2016.

About Briana

Briana’s favorite colors were pink and purple she loved to go to the zoo and see the monkey she loved dogs and monkeys she loved looking at the stars specially the moon.

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5 Replies to “Briana (Nana)”

  1. I love this little girl with all my heart,she is the sweetest,most loving and caring little girl I have ever met,she is definitely a blessing to just be around. Really hurts that she can lift ones spirits and make them smile and forget whatever bad is going on in someone’s life,but there’s nothing I can do in return to take any pain away from her. It has been a nitemare watching this sweet angel go through the things she has had to go through,for all of her family that loves and cares for her. One thing that amazes me,and something I really do look up too and have been taught from this sweet baby is that nothing in this world is bad enough to steal my smile or happiness,even on the worst of days when I have had problems or struggles I could always go visit nana and instantly be reminded through her to keep on smiling and keep it moving. I’m not sure what this page is about or if I’m supposed to be putting this but I just feel like spilling my guts about this sweet girl and letting anyone and everyone in the world,if I could know how much of an amazing special little girl she is to me and how blessed I have been to have her in my life. I thank her mother for bringing her to me and sharing this angel with me,I love the both of them more than words can explain.

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