Bre’don (Tuff)

Bre’don Ford

9 year old Angel

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Bre’don had already got to the really stiff stage it got better but he was unable to put a lot of weight on his legs and had ER visits and had his Make-A-Wish in Florida. He lit up a crowd with his smile.

He loved hot wheels or any kind of trucks or cars…he loved to give hugs and loved meeting people..always has a smile on his face, he liked red blue yellow those would be his favorite…

-His Mom ErikaBre'don

4 comments on “Bre’don (Tuff)
  1. Erika Ford says:

    My angel….He is really the best kid you will ever meet…he has a smile that will melt your heart…he is loved by everyone that knows him…he is the light of my life…thanks for this Jacey it is awesome….

    • Tristin says:

      Hi Erika, My six yr old son Gabriel was just diagnosed with HD, he has been displaying symptoms for three years, yet still very much functioning, walking running talking etc. He has slurred speech as well he is extremely clumsy, with some emotional issues. How old was your baby when he was diagnosed? Im trying to understand the disease a little better and from one mother to another you may have some words of advice?
      Thank you Tristin

  2. Melia Garcia says:

    He is precious. I love him with my whole heart. He is always in my thoughts and prayers … I love you Bre’don!!!

  3. Hey Bre’don. we have the same birthday! (well, not the year . . . )
    You are clearly a very cool and fun guy. Sending much love and many hugs.

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