Anthony Reed 

15 Year Old Angel

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anthony (1)Anthony was non verbal, developmental delayed, autism, tuberous sclerosis, seizure disorder, dystonia and his JHD repeats 86. His Dad had HD and lived in the nursing home.

The school Anthony went to is for only special needs children been good for him. But he had been picking up bad habits that he never did before. He is non-verbal but if we asked him to tell us about his day, he would anthony (59)just babble and babble telling you all about his day. He really tried to talk. He was doing real well with baby sign language but like any child that has Asthma or ADD if they don’t want to do something they are not going to do it. That how he was “STUBBORN” but a lover. This was our boy every day of his life  and didn’t get any better. It really really sucked to see him go through this. Had to tell him head up all the time. He picked it up and down it goes no strength at all in his neck.

anthony (16)About Anthony

His favorite color was Orange. He loved Monster Trucks, he wouldn’t look at the tv unless the monster trucks are on. He loved to play in the water, climb, run. Anthony Loved toys that play music and or make noise. Anthony’s was obsessed with flash lights & playing with garden hose with or without water. He also loved walking around Freedom Lake Park, There is a lake in the center and he loved walking around this lake. We had to start exercising his legs starting to get very weak so we had him pushing me around the block in my wheelchair and he was laughing so hard that it was so much fun and I was laughing hard too it’s hard to say now that its getting warm outside that’s where he wanted to be. March 26, 2006-Nov 15, 2021


His favorite DVD was The Giggle Bellies Musical Adventures Volume 1. It’s all singing & full of bright color, he would watch this for a long time, we can play this over & over and he was as happy as a bug in a rug.

anthony (69)This is sweet 
My husband just told me when he picked Anthony up from The Kidz club yesterday, there is a little girl in a wheelchair in his room and Anthony was holding her hand and didn’t want to let go. Same thing in school but not same girl Lulu isn’t in a wheelchair. 
Anthony was out of school for a few days sick a few weeks ago when he walked in his class room he saw his friend and said Lulu went over and took her by the hand😇😍
Anthony dancing with her cute.


4 Replies to “Anthony Reed”

  1. Anthony is such a sweet big boy. I’ve always loved the way he smiles and looks at you. He may not be able to talk to you verbally but that’s okay because it shows in his face. So much love to be recieved by Anthony he always melts my heart.
    Love you Anthony

  2. I love this kid…his smile lights up the room. And his farts clear the room but he laughs hysterically as we do! Such a special little boy…love you Anthony 💜

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