Adiana Rose Stephens

Adiana Rose Stephens 

12 year old Angel

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adiana (14)Adiana was born January 5th of 1986. She was a very quiet baby, even when first born she didnt cry much. Didnt fuss and slept all night. Adiana started walking when she was 8 months old. Threw away her bottle at 9 months. She was never a clumsy child and all girl. When Adiana was 5 years old she was diagnosed with jhd. She had started to fall down and started slurring her words. I had just had a new baby and at first thought she was jealous. It wasnt that, she loved her new baby brother and would do anything for him. When Adiana was first diagnosed she was tested on her iq. She had an almost genius iq. In the next 7 years of her life Adiana had seizures caused by jhd. The seizures started out as petit mal and then went into full blown grand mal. She sometimes wouldn’t come out of 1 before going into another. Adiana started 4th grade as a full time student. By christmas she could only go half a day. Then by spring break she was home schooled for the rest of the year. She had to have a feeding tube as she could no longer eat without choking. A wheel chair as she lost her ability to walk. The last year of Adiana’s life she was in the hospital 15 adiana (12)times. She would be in there from 4 days to 2 weeks at a time. Various reasons, all due to jhd. She took 5 different medicines to try to stop the seizures there were no meds available to help with the jhd. She lost her ability to walk, she then would crawl. But thru it all she never lost her beautiful smile. Many days she rode on my back when she could no longer walk or crawl until we were finally able to get her doctor to get us a wheelchair. The last week of Adiana’s life she had slipped into a coma state. Then she went into kidney failure. Then her heart. Adiana passed on July 21, 1998 at home with me her mother and my sister one of her favorite aunts by her side. Rest in peace beautiful Adiana Rose Stephens.

About Adiana

All Girl. She loved wearing dresses, her favorite colors were pink and purple. Loved bubble baths and her dolls.

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  1. storyteethblogspot says:

    I can pray for Adiana and all over the world who is suffer as like me, to almighty Allah to make our life more longer and easy to live. I am a patent of polymyositis from 2009. I request to all of you pray for mee.

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