from the uk school resources juvenile huntington’s disease


science daily


hd buzz

hd lighthouse

office of rare disease

stanford hopes     used a lot

hereditary disease foundation


Study identifies previously unknown proteins in Huntington’s disease pathology.



after a doctor says what the treatment should be she went to the hdsa who put her in contact with professionals to help appreciate and never speak mean because they want to help

caregivers, doctors, therapists, nurses, etc

reading medical records keeping track of what everything meant

hdsa caregivers guide        for first diagnosis

doesnt have to say jhd specific there are so many rare diseases in jhd that you can look up the issues separately

old time caregivers, jean millers help, called everywhere, experience

united cerebral palsy    for speech and communication

cystic fibrosis for weight and supplements

reviewed diagnoses and why it fit not taking the doctors word unless the doctor explaining why the defect.. specialized doctors always willing to talk.. the doctors extensive experience

every medication can influence can decide if a child can get in a trial, so everything prescribed is necessary otherwise it might impact their health down the road

people who couldn’t help they passed on to someone who knew the answers. Leading to finding jhd isn’t getting all the things that it should get.

Wow dystonia and dystonic seizure info

Paroxysmal Dystonia


Jane Mervar: More Help For Juvenile Huntington’s Disease – Sign the Petition! Here

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