Zaavan High

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zaavan (13)

He was born on Sept 29, 2010. So far Zaavan gets along with other kids. He’s able to make friends and maintain a healthy relationship. I was 19 when I had him. As a new mother i could still tell something was different about him. But thought maybe i was being too worried as a new mom. Now I know I was right. A mother knows more than anyone about her child. And as he grew thru his toddler years he was great. But then i’d say around 4 was when it went backwards so to speak.zaavan (15) I knew about huntington’s but not about the juvenile version. And now it all makes sense. I’m laying here with him now. Hugging him and kissing him and laughing and saying silly things. 😊 I know there will never be a cure. But maybe to slow it down? I’ve been praying over him to make it stop. He loves video games. 


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