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wyatt (3)Wyatt was born on Dec 11, 1995. He got tested Dec. 13, 2013  and tested positive with a CAG of 58. He inherited the gene from his mother Sonya who passed away March 8, 2014 at the age of 37. Wyatt’s  grandmother also passed away of HD years ago, before he was even born. He has two other cousins a female and male who also are currently living with HD and 3 young boys at risk of HD. Wyatt has one 1/2 sister who is 20 and 1/2 brother who is 13, both at  no risk because they share the same non-HD father. We always knew Wyatt was at risk of the gene but were told by Dr’s not to have him tested as long as he was an average, healthy child. As he got older into his teens 15/16 his behavior started to change and again we were also confused of how much can be HD or just being a wyatt (2)teenager until he turned 17 he was having inappropriate impulse behavior so we finally got so help prescription wise but again was told by both by the insurance company and the Dr to wait until he was 18. So 2 days after his 18th b-day he was tested, the neuro pretty much knew he was positive from the few tests they ran and a few days later the positive results came back.

WyattAbout Wyatt

Wyatt likes the color red and the Alabama football team. In his spare time he does archery shoots/ tournaments, listens to music & watches the tv.

When we took Wyatt for his evaluation while waiting in the ER to be admitted he asked ” do they have a cure yet”…he’s also said he was itchy and cant sleep.

wyatt-9My step son Wyatt is 21 and was diagnosed when he was 18 with CAG 58. He has been in a home since March of 2016 and he is also using a wheelchair. He can stand for a little while on his own but falls down a lot. He also has choking concerns and they have him using these cups that only allow so much liquid at a time to release..and his food is soft foods (they blend it). he does have snacks and sometimes other regular foods but he has someone near by when he eats because he still does get choked up. He is the youngest resident ever to be at this place but he isn’t the 1st HD patient. His mom passed away there after being there several years but she didn’t have behavior issues like he does & there is also 1 other lady there but she is in the later stages I don’t know much about her. They admitted they need more knowledge of the disease also.


2 Replies to “Wyatt”

  1. Just wanted to say my 20 year old son also has JHD, and he seldom talks, chooses not to go outside, just stays in his room. This disease is very sad, and I just read story of Wyatt, and just wish him the best.

  2. Laura Ganey, I’m sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I’m sorry about your son & thank you for the well wishes. I wish your family the best also 🙂

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