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About Tayah

tayah (109)
Tayah baptized 

She was born on Oct 11, 1996. Her favorite color is Purple. She never stops smiling no matter what!! She takes the better outlook in life even when she’s fighting juvenile huntington’s disease.

tayah (54)February 21, 2018 She’s home!! Thank God for the neighbor shoveling his walks, Tayahs legs gave out as me and my sister were trying to get her inside (she has been slowly walking a bit the past few days so thought she’d make it in with help) I screamed for help and he ran over in a flash, picked her up and carried her through the house, up stairs and to her bed. What a good man!! This is going to be hard!! But we will do it!! Happy she’s home. I learned how to use the feeding tube, and feel confident with it. She’s resting now. Very tired girl. Thank you SO much for everything everyone has done for us. I’m seriously touched! Could not do this without your love and support! XOXO

tayah (72)April 13, 2018 Tayah is home, where she belongs. Its been 7 weeks. She was very excited to see the dogs, and they were very excited to see her 💓

tayah (100)February 7, 2020 My beautiful granddaughter Tayah back in hospital again. Her amazing mom always at her side. Love you both so so much xoxoxoxo



Team Tayah

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