Marc Boomer

24 year old Angel

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I married man that was violent. I moved a long way, 3 months pregnant. I moved in with my brother and his family. I med sister in laws brother we just hit it off, over blossomed. Marc was born, John took him on as his own and for many years and several more children afterwards life was happy! March 13 years old he withdrew then had sudden outbursts we couldn’t explain! 2 years of visits to family doctor sent to a specialist who took down family history etc. 10 weeks of different testing we were waiting on just one and that was the first time we heard about HD. Marc had a CAG count of 75, Meaning JHD. Well our world crumbling down around us shock of Marc having HD and the lack of info made it much harder on us as a family. I trailed the internet and joined many HD sites and met a lovely woman called Sue, she has been a great help over the years as has others!! Marc had peg tube fitted when things were bad, it gave him more years. Our family have had it hard the doctors happy none of our other children were at risk. As me and my second husband both tested all clear. Our grandson’s middle name is Marc, Kian Marc Boomer. He helps me cope. Marc seen him 8 weeks before he died. At least his brother made him Uncle before he passed, he loved extra attention care nurses calling him Uncle Marc! Marc loved life was soccer mad!! Arsenal was his team! My grandson follows the team now, not that he has any choice 14 months old! Marc’s smile lit up lives, was the life and soul of the nursing home, cracking jokes when able. Our memories are full of smiles and laughter as well as the tears that flowed afterwards. Marc passed away a week after his 24th birthday. Our son was our bright shiny star always remain so. Angela Marc’s Mom just thought you’d want to hear what we’ve been up to. Myself and Marc took part in sponsored bike ride to help raise funds for Make-A-Wish UK charity. Lucky enough to use a special bike called a Duet. It’s a bike wheelchair attached to front. It’s easy to use. Day of ride five and a half miles I almost passed out. I guess it was the excitement and stress of it all, and the fact that it was a big hot for this time of the year in the UK. Marc enjoyed the ride, especially going really fast down the hills. It had been over two years since he had been on a bike so it was very special for him too. Make-A-Wish was so pleased that Marc insisted on doing this ride, as he had a wish granted last year. It was to fly to America and visit Disney World. His dream came true and we have a lot of pictures and video footage to prove what a fantastic time we had. We All Love America!!!!!!! Marc raised over 450 for this charity and we are so, so PROUD of his achievement. Another piece of fun, happiness, laughter, was to see Marc smile like he had never smiled before, all day long. These are memories to treasure always. This piece is from a very very proud parent!!! May 11, 1983-May 18, 2007.


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