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macie (107)Macie was born on Sept 7, 2007. She started showing symptoms around April of 2013. First it was she forgot how to ride her bike from 6 months prior when I had to put the bike away for the winter. Was sent to a neurologist in January of 2014 and he did a mri and eeg and found that she was having seizure activity and low iron. She was a champ through it all. May 8th 2014 was the day we found that with a cag of 99 that she had JHD. A friend of mine had gotten in touch with make a wish during that time and they contacted me a week after finding the results and met with us in July and we took our trip to Florida in September right after she turned 7. She is in the 3rd grade. In June of this year she stopped wearing her braces cause they were making her tired, we started her on aquatic therapy to help loosen her muscles and so far it’s macie-25working she doesn’t walk on her tippy toes as much.

About Macie

Loves the movie Frozen especially Elsa. Her favorite colors are pink and blue. Wants to be a vet when she grows up. She loves horses and butterflies. 


Team Macie

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