15 Year Old Angel

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Lisanne was diagnosed JHD in 2013. Her daddy died in 2012. I now believe that they both showed the first real signs of Huntington in 2009, her daddy was diagnosed then but doctors kept telling me that I should not worry so much about her. Sadly I was proven to be right.
Lisanne was a beautiful girl with a heart of gold. She totally accepted her disabilities, never complained and always said she was doing fine. She smiled a lot, loved hugs and kisses. Loved nature and learned as much as possible about it. Always wanted to go to school even when she was not feeling well. Pink was her favorite colour. She loved to watch movies en listen to stories. Fairytales and Disney mostly. She knew every song and loved to sing them. She had a great sense of humor and laughed a lot. There was always so much positivity around her. I believe she was and still is a true angel and she is loved and missed tremendously by everybody she touched in her short life. I am very proud to be her mommy. June 30, 2003-June 23, 2019.

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