Keri Scott

25 year old Angel

KeriMy daughter passed away 3 years ago at age 25. She was so proud that she made to her lucky number. Her name is Keri Scott. Check it out on Google: Keri Scott at age 25… *Fact… I am here to help anyone who I can the same way what I witness myself.. it is every parents bad nightmare… Huntington can go to hell.. but never take our own loves ones away with their mind and in the heart.. and they will NEVER forget you either.. always with you. I am here to JUST talk if you want. No judgement. There is many people out here CAN Help you. I KNOW.. I Was lost 9 years ago when my daughter got tested Positive. .. I am here to help anyone to KEEP moving forward and stay on strong to Fight til we find a cure for JHD.  This is KERI SCOTT: *YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are here to FIGHT TOGETHER. 

About Kerikeri (2)

Keri enjoyed spending time with her friends and family. She was a member of the County Dancers at the High School auditorium. She enjoyed outdoor activities including swimming, fishing, boating, and camping. Her favorite place to be was Maui, Hawaii. She studied and read about dolphins. Dec 31, 1986-March 3, 2012.

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