Kayla Bond

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Kayla was born December 6th, 2002. Kayla was Raised by her mum (Rachel and step dad Daniel) Kayla’s biological father had HD and died when Kayla was age 7. As Kayla started her Primary school years, Kayla was falling behind at around grade 4, Rachel ended up taking Kayla to the drs for some tests at the end of grade 6 only to find 3 yrs with no answers, yet the answer was right in front of them the whole time as on first appointment you have to fill out medical history which HD was on there for her father’s side of the family. Kayla was then diagnosed with JHD at around yr 7, so in saying that symptoms where showing when Kayla was 7/8yrs old. Kayla was attending a local high school, but with her constantly falling over and hurting herself with having JHD they decided it would be best for Kayla to attend a special school, more for kids like Kayla and other disabilities, Kayla has been at her new school for a year now and fits in great she has friends. Kayla has a younger sister her name is Hayley who loves and adores Kayla.

Kayla’s progression with JHD has worsen alot more more frequent seizures, the medication has stopped working now on some new ones, Kayla has had a few goes at Botox for her arms and does require a wheel chair for long walks or even just a walk to shop, Kayla uses her chair at school all time, she can walk but aided buy her mum or carer. Kayla has outbursts and carries on a lot, she also has a set routine on how she likes things, she use to have a set routine for breakfast but that has changed now due to feeding tube, she has a set routine for bed and if its not done she will carry on until it’s done. Kayla is almost 17 and her mindset is basically of an 7yr old her speech is worse stutters alot she doesn’t remember much from her childhood, Kayla knows she is dying from JHD, she doesn’t show really much emotion on that, I’m sure she is scared and has really no idea what to do. Kayla has a feeding tube now as she was constantly chocking on food, she had test done showing food was going down wrong way and making her aspirate. For her own safety now this had to be done.

Kayla is slowly going down hill, and we will never know when her time is up, Kayla’s mum Rachel just like to make memories for them memories they can cherish. She recently attended her Deb at school which she looked like an absolute angel. They went to Disneyland Kayla’s Nanna and pa made Kayla’s wish come true. She got a wish through starlight to the sence of home and away got to meet her favorite actresses. Kayla is an inspiration her smile is so beautiful and warm, she is loud and can make you jump out your skin, she loves to sing and watch her favorite shows like the greatest showman, high school musical, there is just something so special about this girl, beautiful kind loves babies, loves her family so much. Kayla loves horse’s and Unicorns for Kayla’s 16th birthday Rachel organised a horse and carriage for her birthday. Her favorite colors are Blue purple and pink. Loves home and away. If there was one wish I could give her it would be the ability to see herself through her eyes because she is just a beautiful soul.

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