Kate (Katie) Barnett

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kate (47)Kate was born on May 10, 1992. She got tested for HD when she was about 16, but probably had symptoms at an early age that were not physical so she couldn’t be tested then. Kate got the gene from her dad Merit who was tested at age 34, and had it for about 9 years. He died in 2003. She never met her dad’s mother Louella because she already passed away from HD Then her Aunt Andrea got tested about the same age , but she lived a little longer. Katie‘s older half brother Merit Jr got tested a few years ago, and he was negative. She has two older brothers Jason , Travis, and a younger sister Stacy who are at risk, but no symptoms so far. Katie had symptoms since she was in second grade because she had hard time behaving her teachers ,and had to be in special education because of poor cognitive skills.

kate (7)About Kate

Katie has been attending the Nazarene Church since she was a child. She loves people, and lots people to pray and encourage her. Plus lots of cousins. She loves Justin Beiber, her blue heeler dog, her beta and tropical fish, and playing x-box games online with her friends. Summer time she loves swimming in her pool. So far she is still able to do all physical things for them.


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